Ep #340: Successfully Scaling an Advice-Only Firm Serving the Dentist Niche: A Conversation with Sharon Weaver, CFP®

XYPN Radio

Jul 27 2022 • 53 mins

We’re excited to welcome XYPN member Sharon Weaver, CFP®, the founder of Mission Financial Planning, on the show today. Sharon has been a CFP® for over 25 years but had never actually done a financial plan until she launched her firm 11 years ago.

Some early dentist clients from a center of influence referral eventually led her to go all in on working with dentists. She's been growing her network of dentistry practice consultants, bankers, and insurance folks who work with dentists and is also networking with investment managers who refer clients to her because she is advice-only, meaning she doesn't manage investments. She's been growing her firm and has started hiring for support. Sharon talked about the decision to hire and what she's looking for in a second planner. If you're interested in learning more about what it’s like to work with dentists and hire on a second lead planner, this episode is for you.

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