The Krays Part 2: Bloodlust

Real Outlaws

Aug 22 2022 • 45 mins

The Krays’ criminal house of cards begins to wobble and fall, as more blood soaks into London’s streets.  Reggie finds love, Ronnie finds even more trouble, and together the twins behave more erratically than ever before…and Scotland Yard’s finest are closing in.  Gang members within The Firm are gripped with fear - too scared to defy their bosses, but also terrified of where their actions will lead them.  With tensions climbing - who can the Krays really trust?  A Noiser production, written by Robert Parker. With thanks to Kate Beal Blyth, writer, documentary film-maker, and the author of ‘The Krays: Prison Years’. This is Part 2 of 3. For ad-free listening, exclusive content and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+. Now available for Apple and Android users. Go to to get started with a 7-day free trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit