The Krays Part 1: The East End

Real Outlaws

Aug 15 2022 • 44 mins

It’s the swinging sixties and London is home of fashion, pop music, and celebrity scandal. But beneath the glitz and glamour is a dark underbelly of gangland crime.  Emerging from the ashes of a war-torn city; two brothers would forge a criminal empire from the snooker halls and pubs of the East End, to the jazz bars and clubs of the fashionable West End - these two young men would come to rule it all.  This is the rise of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.   A Noiser production, written by Robert Parker. With thanks to Kate Beal Blyth, writer, documentary film-maker, and the author of ‘The Krays: Prison Years’. This is Part 1 of 3. For ad-free listening, exclusive content and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+. Now available for Apple and Android users. Go to to get started with a 7-day free trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit