Bonnie and Clyde Part 3: The Final Ride

Real Outlaws

Sep 26 2022 • 46 mins

The Star-crossed killers are hurtling towards their final date with destiny. But they still have one thing left to do - come good on Clyde’s promise of revenge on the facility that shaped his future - Eastham Prison.  Their daring raid will bring the bloodhound Texas Ranger, Frank Hamer, down on them. As the net finally closes in, their celebrity reaches new heights - their exploits get wilder and the stories get stranger, and the truth becomes harder to see. One thing is for certain - this is the final ride for Bonnie and Clyde.      A Noiser production, written by Danny Marshall, with thanks to Paul Schneider, journalist and author of Bonnie and Clyde – The Lives Behind The Legend. For ad-free listening, exclusive content and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+. Now available for Apple and Android users. Go to to get started with a 7-day free trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit