Episode 40 The Babushka Lady Part 2

JFK The Enduring Secret

08-07-2021 • 45 mins

An in depth tutorial and discussion around the assassination of John F. Kennedy, (JFK) the country's 35th president who was brutally murdered in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963.

Episode 40  is a continuation of  our journey into the mysterious world of the Grassy Knoll and the idea of a conspiracy.  This is the  second of   two  episodes that  covers the famous Babushka Lady. In one of the most famous of stories related to Grassy Knoll witnesses, we explore the individual who emerged to identify herself as the Babushka Lady and the incredibly colorful and mysterious story that begins to develop from there.  Come join us for one of the most entertaining and possibly confirming episodes yet.  As a juror, you will have to  make your own conclusions on this one! These witnesses in this portion of the series were  the closest to the president at the point of the fatal head shot and they saw the impact of the shot in close up detail.  In these  episodes, we evaluate an array of evidence and testimony regarding the possible presence of  other gunman  that  fired from locations other than the Texas School Book  Depository building.  We also  begin to explore  an array of matters that   dive into a deeper  darkness  related to what  went on that day in Dallas,  matters   that possibly point  to a  wider  and more sinister  plot to kill the president.   Complex cases without  an eyewitness that can actually identify the shooter make the forensic and circumstantial evidence that much more important.  Ironically, problems abound with much of the evidence in this case. Evidence that is complex, incomplete and sometimes conflicting.

Even as early as 1964, rumors and serious concerns over  the lone gunman theory and the evidence that might contravene it,  were becoming a major concern for the government and the commission. Conspiracy theories were contrary to the government's stated narrative from the very beginning. Stay tuned as there are many more episodes to come!

This series comprehensively explores the major facts,  themes, and  events leading up to the assassination in Dealey Plaza and the equally gripping stories surrounding the subsequent investigation. We  review  key elements of the Warren Commission Report , and the role of the CIA and FBI. We explore the  possible involvement of the Mafia in the murder and the review of that topic by the government's House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970's. We explore the Jim Garrison investigation and the work of other key figures such as Mark Lane and others. Learn more about Lee Harvey Oswald the suspected killer and Jack Ruby the distraught Dallas night club owner with underworld ties and the man that killed Oswald as a national TV audience was watching.  Stay with us as we take you through the facts and theories in bite sized discussions that are designed to educate, and inform as well as entertain the audience. This  real life story is more fascinating than fiction. No matter whether you are a serious researcher or a casual student, you will enjoy the fact filled narrative and story as  we relive one of the most shocking moments in American History. An event that changed the nation and changed the world forever.