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Barry C McGuire: One Damn Deal - Start Your Real Estate Investment Journey Today With Creative Strategies Anyone Can Use
Jul 10 2021
Barry C McGuire: One Damn Deal - Start Your Real Estate Investment Journey Today With Creative Strategies Anyone Can Use
f I told you you could buy cash producing properties - as many as you want, that you could buy those properties with LITTLE OR ZERO of your own money down - sometimes even getting a big check when the deal closes, and that you could complete your First Damn Deal before the end of this month, that you could learn to do that with minimal risk from one of the top creative real estate lawyers - and I would argue - THE top creative real estate investment strategy TEACHER - in Canada, that he would walk you through the steps you need to do your First Damn Deal quickly but safely, give you a thick and thorough binder to take home (from the in-person workshops he hosts) and give you access to his private student-only Facebook group - which includes by the way - access to interact with and ask questions of him, his very friendly and super knowledgeable wife Donna AND his fantastic Focus Team of experienced creative real estate investors, what would you say? I hope you’d say what I said, which is an emphatic SIGN ME UP NOW!!Barry C. McGuire is here today representing Rapid Cash Program, a part of his “Focus Series - Essential Knowledge For Real Estate Investors”. Barry has very magnetic way about him. Once you meet him you want to spend more time with him and learn what he has to teach you. He’s a very personable lawyer with almost FIFTY years experience practicing real estate law in Canada. Most, if not all of what he teaches is applicable in the US and in other jurisdictions - with appropriate tweaks for local or state laws. He’s been an active real estate investor for about 40 years as well. He is a national best selling author, having co-authored “97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors”. He also has his own podcast - Tales From The Trenches and all his courses are available for purchase online through RapidCashProgram.com. We also discuss his upcoming webinar "Intro To Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies"He’s got a great story to share with you today. You’re going to love him and I know - especially if you take his training - he’s going to help you live a better story!Podcast Sponsor: Rocket Fuel Coffee Company: https://RocketFuelCoffeeCo.com Use PromoCode: OTREAL to get 10% off. Plus FREE S&H throughout the US.Episode Links:Intro To Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies: https://bit.ly/ITCREIShttps://OneDamnDeal.comhttps://RapidCashProgram.comPodcast Links:YouTube: https://bit.ly/YT-OTREALiTunes: https://bit.ly/OTREAL-POD--- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cory-vance4/message