The future of insurance payments

Insurtech Story Podcast

Mar 16 2023 • 16 mins

The future of insurance payments will be heavily influenced by technology, changing customer preferences, and regulatory frameworks. Insurers will need to adapt to trends such as digital payments, blockchain technology, AI and machine learning, pay-as-you-go models, and a focus on data security. These trends will enable insurers to improve the customer experience, reduce costs, enhance transparency, and personalize products and pricing.

Points of discussion:

1. What challenges do payments pose across the insurance value chain? How is Mastercard placed to help and what approach are you taking with the industry?

2. What role does data have to play in the future of insurtech and can you throw some light on the trends you see here like for example in the case of parametric insurance?

3. Talking about parametric, who do you think will benefit from this type of insurance? What’s next for Mastercard in this space?

Speaker Bio: Ruth Polyblank, who is the Vice President and Partnerships Lead for Insurance at Mastercard. Ruth has specific responsibility for identifying new opportunities in the global insurance market by leveraging Mastercard’s existing capabilities and assets to innovate through collaboration with the industry.

As an insurance marketing and strategy expert, Ruth holds over 20 years’ experience and has worked with traditional and insurtech businesses to design vertical propositions and growth strategies, with particular expertise in the SME sector.

Ruth previously held leadership and management roles at Chubb, CLS, EY and Fusion. As well as her professional accomplishments, Ruth is a regular speaker, author and mentor within the insurance sector, she was co-author of ‘The InsurTech book’, was named by ‘WeAreTheCity’ a Top 50 Woman in Tech 2018 and is also an Ambassador for the CII Insuring Women’s Futures programme.