The power of synergy in modern insurance

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jul 18 2023 • 15 mins

The power of synergy in modern insurance is reshaping the industry, driven by advanced technologies and collaboration. Insurers leverage AI and data analytics for efficient underwriting, claims processing, and risk management. Collaborative efforts between companies share resources, expertise, and data, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences. A customer-centric approach offers seamless, personalised services. Regulatory compliance and ethical considerations shape synergistic endeavours. Emerging trends like blockchain and insurtech start-ups provide further opportunities. By drawing lessons from other industries, insurance is unlocking its full potential through collaboration.

Points of discussion:

1. Why collaboration between insurtech start-ups and traditional insurers is crucial in today's market? Can you provide some examples of successful insurtech partnerships between start-ups and traditional insurers.

2. What are the challenges that insurtech start-ups and traditional insurers may face when entering into partnerships?

3. Can you add some best practices for insurtech start-ups and traditional insurers to foster successful collaborations.? And what's your view on the future outlook?

Speaker Bio: Luca Saurwein, is the Commercial Director at Lifepal based in Indonesia, which is recognized as one of the prominent insurtech companies in Indonesia. His responsibilities encompass the facilitation of business expansion and the broadening of the company's presence beyond the online insurance marketplace. This entails strategically managing partnerships and establishing new distribution channels, which includes the implementation of offline and agency sales.
Before assuming his current position, Luca occupied a senior leadership role at Allianz Indonesia. In his capacity as the Head of Transformation and Distribution, he assumed the responsibility of overseeing the Bancassurance and Automotive business units. Furthermore, he played a vital role in spearheading transformation initiatives and introducing novel solutions and innovative products specifically tailored for Allianz's operations in Indonesia.