The Importance of Human Element in Underwriting

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jul 27 2023 • 20 mins

The Importance of the Human Element in Underwriting explores how human intuition, experience, and empathy add value to the risk assessment process, complementing automated systems. This podcast highlights the role of underwriters in building trust with policyholders, providing personalised experiences, and addressing ethical considerations to ensure fairness and inclusivity in insurance underwriting.

Points of discussion:

1. In an age where automation and data-driven decision making are becoming more prevalent in underwriting, how do you see the human element adding value to the process?

2. Customer experience is a critical aspect of insurance underwriting. How do you believe the human touch in underwriting impacts the way insurers interact with policyholders?

3. Ensuring fairness and avoiding biases in underwriting decisions is essential. How do you approach ethical considerations in the underwriting practices, and what steps can one take to mitigate potential biases?

Speaker Bio: Ben Webster, is the Co-founder of Agile Underwriting Services. Ben is a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in the insurtech space. With a passion for developing innovative insurance platforms, Ben has successfully built and scaled multiple bootstrapped insurtech start-ups from the ground up, turning them into profitable businesses. His extensive experience spans over 15 years, making him a true veteran in the industry. His deep understanding of the insurance landscape, combined with his technical expertise, enables him to drive transformative change and create meaningful value for both insurers and the policyholders.