How is the Evolution of the Mobility Market Impacting Insurance Practices

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jun 27 2023 • 22 mins

In this intriguing podcast episode, we dive into the fascinating world of insurance as it transitions from conventional auto coverage to the realm of mobility protection. Join us as we uncover how insurance companies are revamping their coverage models to cater to the evolving needs of individuals in the era of multi-modal transportation. Delve into the implications of this transformative shift, and explore the innovative approaches and strategies being employed to ensure comprehensive and adaptable coverage for various forms of transportation. Discover the challenges, opportunities, and exciting developments shaping the future of mobility protection. Tune in for an enlightening conversation!

Points of discussion:

1. As the mobility market undergoes rapid transformation with the rise of shared mobility services, autonomous vehicles, and electric transportation, how are insurance companies adapting to meet the changing needs of customers and mitigate potential risks?

2. What role does data play in shaping insurance offerings for the mobility market?

3. With the emergence of innovative mobility solutions like ride sharing, micro-mobility, and peer-to-peer platforms, how are insurance companies addressing the unique challenges related to liability, coverage, and claims management in this evolving landscape?

4. How are insurance companies adapting their coverage models and products to meet the evolving needs of individuals in the era of multi modal transportation?

Speaker Bio: Luca Russignan is the Director - Insurance Intelligence at Capgemini focusing on translating market and customer research into actionable insights that drive strategic decision making. His work includes implementing effective research methodologies to understand the big picture and help C-suite executives and senior business leaders assess the implications of innovation on their business strategy. Luca’s primary areas of focus include InsurTech, Blockchain, and IoT trends. Last but not the least, Luca also co-authored several reports on the evolution of the insurance industry. He works actively with the Insurtech community as a mentor and has been a guest speaker at several industry and academic events.