Digitization of the insurance market in Thailand

Insurtech Story Podcast

May 24 2024 • 16 mins

The digitization of the insurance market in Thailand is transforming the industry, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and customer experience. This shift is driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data analytics, which streamline processes from policy issuance to claims management. Insurtech startups and traditional insurers alike are leveraging online platforms and mobile applications to offer personalized products and services. This digital evolution not only meets the rising demand for convenient, transparent, and swift insurance solutions but also supports regulatory compliance and risk management. As a result, Thailand's insurance sector is poised for significant growth and innovation.

Points of discussion:

1.What specific challenges has the insurance industry in Thailand faced in transitioning to a digital-first approach?

2.What are some notable examples of innovative digital strategies that insurance companies in Thailand have implemented to stay competitive?

3.Can digitization help address the issue of underinsurance in Thailand? If so, how?

Speaker bio: Ben Assanasen, is the Managing Director at Thai Setakij Insurance company. Prior to joining Setakij, Ben lead Tune Protect Thailand, an associate company of Tune Protect Group, as its Chief Executive Officer and Group Health Leader. Ben brings with him a wealth of industry experience that spans over 2 decades - encompassing general management as well as hands-on operational roles covering a broad range of functions. Prior to Tune Protect, he worked for Ernst and Young (EY), as an Associate Partner for ASEAN; as the Managing Director of Bupa Health Insurance; and as the Chief Executive Officer of Aegon in Thailand. He has also been appointed as Director of the Executive Committee and Advisory Director of the Accident and Health Insurance Committee of the Thailand General Insurance Association (TGIA).