Innovation in insurance: The road less spoken

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jun 26 2023 • 12 mins

This podcast explores innovation in the insurance industry, uncovering emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and strategies shaping its future. Experts discuss transformative practices like data analytics, AI, blockchain, and telematics. Balancing risk-taking and maintaining customer trust is examined. The podcast also reveals the driving forces behind the industry's shift, including changing customer expectations, market disruptions, and regulatory changes. It highlights the culture of innovation within insurance companies, driven by the need to stay competitive. Join our industry leader now as he shed light on the lesser-known aspects of innovation, reshaping the insurance landscape and propelling the industry forward.

Points of discussion:

1. Can you share some examples of innovative practices or technologies that are transforming the insurance industry today, and how do you see them shaping the future of the sector?

2. Innovation often involves taking risks and challenging the status quo. How can insurance companies balance the need for innovation with managing potential risks and maintaining customer trust?

3. The insurance industry has traditionally been seen as slow-moving and resistant to change. What are some key factors that have contributed to a shift in mindset, encouraging insurance companies to embrace innovation? And what are the challenges they face in implementing innovative solutions?

Speaker Bio: Danilo Raponi, is the Group Head of Innovation at Generali, where he is responsible for the Unit in charge of driving and scaling innovation throughout the Group. He is also the Managing Director of Generali’s global Innovation Fund, that aims to finance, promote and support the group’s most promising innovation projects across the globe, living the mission of “Innovation everywhere, for everyone”. Danilo joined Generali from Munich Re, where he held a number of innovation-related roles, including the Lead of Munich Re’s Global Innovation Framework. Danilo was also co-lead and co-founder of one of Munich Re’s biggest innovation initiatives: “garden”, a behaviour-based personal finance app that aimed to redefine insurance companies’ offering of investment and savings products to young customers. Danilo has extensive experience in both Life and Non-Life (Re)Insurance, having held a number of roles in Swiss Re and Hannover Re, in addition to advisory positions in several Fintech start-ups. Academically, Danilo holds a MSc summa cum laude from LUISS University in Rome, an MBA from the Bocconi School of Management, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.