Enhancing Security in Insurance Transactions

Insurtech Story Podcast

Aug 27 2023 • 29 mins

In the digital age, securing insurance transactions is paramount. Technologies like digital identity verification and biometric authentication bolster security while ensuring a seamless experience. Challenges persist, with cyber threats evolving. Blockchain offers data immutability, enhancing protection. Artificial intelligence swiftly identifies fraud patterns, maintaining security without compromising user experience. Balancing these aspects underscores the industry's commitment to secure insurance transactions in an increasingly interconnected world.

Points of discussion:

1. How are technologies like digital identity verification and biometric authentication enhancing security in insurance transactions?

2. What challenges do insurers face in securing customer data during transactions, and how is blockchain technology addressing these challenges?

3. How do AI and machine learning detect fraud in insurance transactions while maintaining a seamless customer experience? Any notable examples?

Speaker Bio: Dheepak Rajoo, is the Chief Information Officer at Royal Sundaram General Insurance where he is responsible for Technology, Data and Transformation. He is a business-oriented technology leader, adept at bridging the business-tech gap with a keen grasp of goals and processes, offering diverse transformations for thriving in today's dynamic market. His visionary intellect positions companies on the disruptive forefront, blending visionary thinking and agility.

Across industries like banking, insurance, and finance, Dheepak hones his passion for efficiency, operational excellence, and enriched customer experiences. He's a catalyst for agile organizations, driving change at Royal Sundaram as CIO. At RBL Bank, he led multi-channel digital transformation, establishing an efficient IT PMO, tripling IT delivery speed through Agile. Dheepak spearheaded AXA Paris' digital shift, reimagined ING's banking processes, and facilitated Bharti AXA's data migration.