Insurtech investment trends in Asia

Insurtech Story Podcast

Jun 6 2023 • 15 mins

The insurtech investment landscape in Asia is witnessing exponential growth driven by a large population, rising middle class, and increasing digital adoption. Asian countries like China, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong have become insurtech investment hotspots. Venture capital firms, private equity players, and traditional insurance companies are actively investing in early stage startups focusing on innovation and disruptive technologies. Key players such as ZhongAn, PolicyBazaar, GoBear, and WeFox have emerged, offering innovative products and services across health, life, property, and casualty insurance segments. With diverse insurtech segments and technological advancements like AI and big data, Asia presents a promising market for insurtech investments.

Points of discussion:

1. How would you describe the current investment trend for insurtech startups, particularly in the context of bolttech? Could you discuss how this trend has evolved over the past few years and the impact it has had on the industry as a whole?

2. Who are the current investors in bolttech? Did you employ a particular strategy to attract certain types of investors? What kind of investors is bolttech interested in attracting in the future?

3. Beyond capital, are there other qualities or resources that you seek in your investors? Could you share some examples of non-monetary value that your investors have provided.

Speaker Bio: Stephan Tan, is the Group Chief Strategy and Investment Officer at bolttech. Stephan is responsible for bolttech’s corporate strategy and investments, including M&A. He is a founding executive of bolttech, member of the executive committee and secures organic and inorganic opportunities as part of bolttech’s growth strategy and business expansion. With more than 15 years in international corporate finance experience, Stephan’s previous roles include VP M&A and Strategy at FWD and Chief Financial Officer at Edirect Insure Group, overseeing several key functions including finance, legal and HR. He started his career within investment banking at Citigroup, covering financial institutions in Europe. Outside of work, Stephan is a keen linguist and he enjoys playing football, squash, and chess.