Movie "God's Not Dead 4" - We the People with David Hoffmeister - A Weekly Online Movie Workshop

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Podcast

31-10-2022 • 2 hrs 21 mins

The movie "God's Not Dead 4" - We the People with David Hoffmeister - A Weekly Online Movie Workshop

In the past 35 years, I've heard two words put together. And the two words are. My truth. So what's that even mean - my truth? When I would inquire, they say, Well, you've got your truth, but I've got my truth. And then when you start to pray together about guidance, they would say to me, David, that's your Holy Spirit's guidance. But here's my Holy Spirit's guidance, even though the source of the guidance is supposed to be the same. So, Jesus addressed this, saying, If two people pray together and are genuinely tuned, they will hear the same thing simultaneously!

God is one, and so is guidance. And if you constantly are having disagreements about guidance, there's only one reason; the ego is involved. Because if you're genuinely attuned, you will hear the same guidance simultaneously. And I can testify to this because I've lived in community for over 20 years. So we have to blow past your truth and my truth and your guidance and my guidance. We have to hear THE guidance, which is vital in the instructions to wake up.

Enjoy the profound commentary by David Hoffmeister on the fourth 'God's Not Dead' movie. "We the People." David has been showing the entire 4 'God's Not Dead' movies this October and If you want to know more about the Weekly Movie Workshops, look here:

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The movie workshop was recorded Saturday, October 29, 2022, in Chapala, Mexico.