Regenerating Farming and Minds with Ben Taylor Davies

Meet the Farmers

Feb 6 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

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00:18 Intro from Ben Eagle

03:18 How would Ben Taylor Davies desribe himself?

05:00 Ideas

06:55 Ben Taylor Davies talks about his friendship with James Smith

09:14 What is an average week for Ben Taylor Davies?

13:06 Ben's childhood on the farm

16:00 How does Ben see the trajectory of farming in the UK?

17:35 Ben's time at the University of Liverpool

18:30 Ben becomes an agronomist

19:38 Ben's way of thinking then and now

22:26 Ben's son Jobe has a severe accident involving a horse

30:47 The Ronald Macdonald House

35:00 The journey beyond the hospital

36:12 Ben's mental health suffers

38:17 Regenerating minds

41:30 Ben's Nuffield adventure

47:23 Life after Ben's Nuffield

51:00 Ben's clients start to change

52:46 The future of chemistry

55:26 Productivity of soils

58:25 Ben's new book Moreon

1:00:10 Ben's message for the public

1:01:10 Ben's message for farmers

1:02:10 Ben's recommendation for a podcast - John Kempf

1:03:26 Ben Eagle rounds up.