Bodhisatta's Bravery (बोधिसत्ता की बहादुरी)

Indian Folk Stories

19-05-2021 • 5 mins

It is a legendary Indian folk story.

Once upon a time, Brahmadutt was the king of Benares. Bodhisatta was born as the son of the chief queen of Brahmadatta. On the day of his naming, Brahmadatta fulfilled the wishes of 800 Brahmins. Then Brahmadatta asked the Brahmins about the lucky traces of the son.

The Brahmins told the King that his son will become king after him and will rule all over India with his intelligence and 5 weapons. When Bodhisatta was 16 years old, he was asked to complete his studies. The king gave Bodhisatta a thousand currencies as guru Dakshina for his teacher and sent him to the Kandahar state, where a wise teacher lived. Bodhisatta completed his education, received 5 weapons as a gift from the Guru. He took leave from his guru and left Takkasila and left for Benares with his 5 weapons.

On his way, he encountered a strong monster but Bodhisatta was confident enough and did not panic. Seeing his confidence and fearless attitude, the monster let him go. Before leaving the forest, The Bodhisatta ordered the demon to follow the path of devotion and leave his path of cruelty.

Some people were still waiting outside the forest. The Bodhisatta told him all the things and then proceeded to Benares. Going forward, when the Bodhisatta became king, he served people with great honesty and intelligence and served the country. Enjoy Hindi Stories For Kids.

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