The Priest and The Serpent (ब्राह्मण और नागिन) ​

Indian Folk Stories

07-12-2020 • 2 mins

A South Indian Folk Story

In a village named Uttara, there lived a priest named Kusalanatha along with his wife and six sons. He was well to do but due to some misfortune they started to have financial issues. The situation was so bad that the priest had to do extra chores for a living. He used to collect bamboo rice from the forest. One day he saw a serpent stuck in a small forest fire. As soon as he saves the serpent, it tried to bit him. The priest then started crying. The serpent realized that the priest was just helping him and it was wrong to bite him. He offered the priest two jewels for the well-being of his family. The priest then built a small temple in honor of the serpent in the same spot.

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