Dr. Donald Killingbeck: Building Your Brand with LinkedIn

SchoolCEO: Marketing for School Leaders

Apr 18 2023 • 55 mins

Dr. Don Killingbeck, aka "The Gladiator," is an educational leader with a wealth of experience from classroom teacher to the superintendency. He boasts advanced degrees in educational tech and leadership from Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, and Central Michigan University. In addition to educational research, Don has co-authored a children's book about teamwork and resilience called Warriors of Widgeon Way and has co-authored 43 Ways to Be Less Lame as an Educator, and has another book in the pipeline about school finance.

When he is not leading his school district (Hemlock Public School District) or making people laugh, in his spare time, he enjoys being a professional beard judge and a world-class jump roper. Dr. Killingbeck mentions 43 Ways to Be Less Lame at the end of the episode. You can find the book and other “Less lame” content at: https://www.lesslame.org/

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Learn more about Hemlock Public School District at https://www.hemlock.k12.mi.us/ or on Twitter at @hemlockps

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