Scott M. Curran: Impact Storytelling

SchoolCEO: Marketing for School Leaders

Sep 13 2023 • 55 mins

In this episode of SchoolCEO Conversations, we speak with Scott Curran, an expert in impact storytelling. He discusses what impact storytelling is, how it can engage and inspire staff, bring communities together, and help nonprofits and schools alike achieve their missions. Listeners will learn practical frameworks for crafting stories and be inspired to craft their own stories.

Join this conversation to learn more about:

  • The power of storytelling to shape community and culture
  • Defining "impact storytelling" and how it differs from typical  storytelling
  • Overcoming common hesitations in identifying impact stories
  • Using the "GPS framework" (Goal, Problem, Solution) to craft impact stories
  • Understanding benefits of impact storytelling: achieving "big, bold goals," navigating change and rallying to overcome challenges
  • Telling impact stories as a leadership practice - lessons from working with presidents

Scott counsels leaders of social enterprises in developing social impact strategies, growing organizational capacity, and creating projects, programs, and partnerships that achieve measurable results.

Scott founded Beyond Advisers to work with social innovators, nonprofits, philanthropists, governments, and private sector leaders to design and build their organizations and initiatives for impact. He teaches and lectures on the role of lawyers in social innovation, advises law schools in developing social impact clinical practices, and consults with law firms to develop social impact practice groups. Crain’s Chicago Business called the class he teaches one of “the coolest classes for law students.”

Prior to starting Beyond Advisers, Scott served as General Counsel for the Clinton Foundation. During a decade of service to the Clinton Foundation, Scott established, grew, and led the legal team that supported a global operating charity with over 2,000 staff and volunteers working in 36 countries on more than a dozen initiatives. Scott led the team of in-house professionals and outside firms that created the organizational and operational structures that supported the Clinton Foundation’s board, enterprise systems, and program teams during their most prolonged and intensive period of growth.

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