EduOpenings: Helping Educators Discover Jobs

SchoolCEO: Marketing for School Leaders

Jun 15 2023 • 52 mins

Visit to post jobs within your schools and/or find new opportunities for yourself and others.

SchoolCEO speaks with two educators from St. Louis who founded the website The platform helps districts find and attract educators to their schools AND makes it easier for those same educators to find new opportunities within K-12.

Dr. Howard Fields is an Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in St. Louis County. He’s also an award-winning leader, author, creator, and adjunct professor. Follow Dr. Fields on Twitter at @HeFields3

Dr. Darryl Diggs Jr. is an educator and advocate for diversity and inclusion in education with over 15 years of experience. In his current role as Director of Equity, Dr. Diggs oversees the district’s DEI initiatives, which include professional development for staff, training for students, and support for all St. Louis County school districts. Follow Dr. Diggs on Twitter at @Achievement4ALL

Learn more about SchoolCEO's resources and research on recruitment & retention here. SchoolCEO Conference also dives deep into employee culture and reaching teachers and staff of all generations. Learn more about SchoolCEO Conference here.

Chapter Markers:
(0:00) Opening Quote

(1:08) Episode Intro

(3:20) Dr. Howard Fields Intro

(4:30) Dr. Darryl Diggs Intro

(6:10) About EduOpenings

(9:25) Creating A Better Job Search

(11:30) The Role of A.I. & Analytics

(13:40) Teachers & Private Sector Jobs

(16:15) Diversity & Recruitment

(16:55) Research Into Teacher Recruitment

(18:50) Pivotal Career Moments

(25:25) Word Of Mouth

(31:00) Creating Better Job Descriptions

(37:00) Active Recruiting

(44:00) Recruiting Is Competitive

(47:30) How You Can Use EduOpenings

(50:49) Outro & Credits