Jeffrey Collier & Coty Kuschinsky: Collective Authorship

SchoolCEO: Marketing for School Leaders

Jan 6 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

This episode is a look inside how to grow a reputable district brand. While storytelling is often preached about, Saginaw ISD is actively telling its story with the help of hundreds of voices within the district in what Dr. Collier calls “Collective Authorship.” It's a powerful framework that can help you and your schools rethink how to share, celebrate, and communicate the stories of achievement with your stakeholders.

In this conversation we answer these questions and more:

  1. How can you share different perspectives across your district?
  2. How do you get teachers and staff to be your district’s ambassadors?
  3. Can storytelling impact your district's culture?
  4. Is culture more important than tools and tactics?
  5. How can you make your district’s strengths more visible?

Saginaw ISD isn’t a typical school district, it’s actually an educational service agency providing services, resources, and programs to local school districts  throughout Saginaw County. In total, Saginaw ISD serves 12 local school districts, 5 public school academies, and 22 non-public schools, with a total enrollment of approximately 27,000 students.

In addition, SISD operates multiple educational programs to meet the unique needs of students ages birth to 26 across Saginaw County, including: Hartley Outdoor Education Center, Head Start/Early Head Start and Great Start to Readiness Programs, Great Lakes Bay Early College, Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center School, and Special Education Center Programs.

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