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Dec 16 2022 • 1 hr

SchoolCEO has written about the role of communications director throughout our issues for a simple reason: the role is critical to the success of superintendents and the district. In articles like Championing Your Comms Director and Super Team we make the case for how the role brings schools closer to their communities and how it supports the larger efforts of the school district in significant ways. In past SchoolCEO podcast episodes like Marketing Your Employer Brand we’ve discussed how the role can even influence recruitment and student engagement

Listen in as we speak together with:

  1. Erica Chandler at Affton School District in Missouri ( @ericajchandler and @AfftonSchools )
  2. Christy McGee at Fountain Fort Carson School District in Colorado ( @christy_mcgee and @FFC8schools )
  3. Meagan Dorsey at Dothan City Schools in Alabama ( @MeaganDorsey17 and @DCSdothan )
  4. Andrew Robinson at Arlington Public Schools in Virginia ( @RobinsonReports and @APSVirginia )

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