Dealing with conditional love

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Nov 25 2021 • 41 mins

How can we spot conditional love? And what can we do about it? Are you dreading a Thanksgiving get-together? Maybe it’s time for a gut-check on conditional love. In this Harvesting U podcast, Theresa and Aubrey have an honest unfiltered conversation about unconditional love and share personal stories that are both heart-filling and heartbreaking.  “Anything that is a struggle to your mental health, you do not have to do. You do not have to engage in.” Unconditional love isn’t always perfect. We all have bad days when negative energy distorts what we do and how we feel. Find out how to spot condititional love, how to nurture unconditional love, and what to do when a conditional relationship doesn't feel right.  Harvesting U: Nourishing momma joy through honest discussions and intentional acts of and kindness. Live big & love bigger.