Harvesting U: Supportive Partners

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Jan 20 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Being a supportive partner isn't always easy. It takes patience, effort, intention, and action to be supportive and allow our loved ones the space to support us back, too.  In this conversation, Aubrey and Theresa are talking about how we've learned lessons along the way of becoming supportive partners through many years of changes and evolutions of our needs, our family structures, and our quirks. Becoming a good partner means giving our loved one the space to become who they desire and supporting their goals. From dump trucks to dance studios and kids to chaos, we've had many large and small challenges and new experiences along the way in our relationships. We share what we've learned with honesty and humor, and we hope what we share helps you.  We talk with another busy momma, Diane Korman Numark, who owns a barre studio in Rodondo Beach, California, about how she and her husband support each other through their adventures. Her husband is running for mayor, they have two school-aged children, and she is an Emmy-Award-Winning producer from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Volunteerism and community service are a big part of who they are as a family, too.  What are ways you support your partner? How do you communicate your needs and share your goals? We'd love to learn from your experiences, too. Share with us.