Raising Challenging Kids

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Dec 9 2021 • 42 mins

It's not easy raising a challenging kid. Sometimes it takes extra patience and a few handy strategies to find our way as parents through the murky waters of behavioral issues and frustrating meltdowns over seemingly everyday events.  In this episode, Theresa shares her momma journey raising a tough child whose behavior has led to many-a-phone-call from school and a long list of interventions and attempts to navigate a way through it. While knowing that the world won't bend to her son's strong will, she had to find a way to give him the tools he needed to understand the world and be his best. It's been a struggle and heartbreaking at times, but it's gone from several hours a week of therapists and an inability to remain in a regular classroom with peers to a thriving teen who has earned a gold medal at the Junior Olympics, a black belt in karate, stand-up performances at a local improv club, and straight As in middle school. While those successes are truly his, the ways we've learned to parent through the behavioral issues has given him the space and confidence to pursue and earn those goals.   We need to find our way as parents to give our kids the ability to be their best and thrive as independent people.  Tune into this episode of Harvesting U with Theresa and Aubrey, and subscribe to hear a new episode every Wednesday at 8pmET.