Setting daily intentions & New Year's resolutions

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Dec 23 2021 • 1 hr

Purpose can be a trigger word for a lot of people, as it's difficult to truly know our purpose in life. But living in daily purpose through intention is a realistic goal and attainable.  A daily intention can be super simple like drink more water, check in with my partner, put my phone away when I'm talking with a friend, go for a walk after dinner, or let myself off the hook for not being more 'ready' for an event or a holiday celebration. In this episode, momma-friends Aubrey and Theresa reflect on how to create intentions, how to motivate ourselves to reach our goals, how they intentionally connect with their kids through honesty, engagement in their activities, silliness, and being fully present, and how to pick ourselves up when we don't meet our own intentions.  As Aubrey often says, "I'm perfectly imperfect." We hope you gain insights, strategies, and inspriation from our conversation about making intentions.  "My intention for today is... to live big & love bigger." 💫 Aubrey & Theresa