Love languages and improving family communication

Harvesting U: A Momma Community

Feb 24 2022 • 36 mins

Have you ever thought about your love language? How do you show love? How do you best receive love? Is it through words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, or acts of kindess? Knowing your love language helps build a stronger bridge of communication with others, and knowing your partner’s love language can help build trust and connectedness.  In this episode, Aubrey and Theresa discuss love languages, how to use that knowlegde to better communicate with kids, and how we can find ways to support them as they grow up. It can be tough to navigate parenthood with teens, as everyone matures at different rates, and not equally in all areas. So what are some of our strategies for helping our kids? Plus, they talk about how the weather affects our moods, heated jackets, and more mom tips.    Harvesting U is a process of nurturing, practicing, and assessing our skills and talents to live big and love bigger. Find out more about Harvesting U with Aubrey and Theresa here.