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Gotabaya resigns | What’s next for Sri Lanka? | Ep #70
Gotabaya resigns | What’s next for Sri Lanka? | Ep #70
Let us get up to speed with all that happened- much of it on live cameras, in a country that saw change in its highest office through the power of people taking to the streets - In the past week, those protests grew louder, and more violent. Despite much of the cabinet having stepped down as they demanded, crowds stormed the Presidential palace, burned down PM Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private home. The visuals were unprecedented for a country with high security and very heavy handed security forces.... as the protestors occupied the president's rooms, the gym, even the swimming pool. - On Monday, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who had tried to leave the country over the weekend but failed, flew to the Maldives- and after protests followed him there, took a commercial, Saudia flight to Singapore. The Singapore Foreign Ministry said he had been allowed entry as a visitor, not granted asylum. His brother former PM Mahinda Rajapaksa has not left the country, and is overseeing party strategy, but other members of the family are reportedly trying to leave as well. - On Thursday, after missing several deadlines, Gotabaya finally resigned, nominating Wickremesinghe as the Acting President, pending an election in Parliament. The SLPP is still the largest party in parliament- and will be important in an all-party government likely to follow. - The Presidential election is expected in the next week- where Wickremesinghe, Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, as well as former Minister Dullas Alahapperuma, who could stand, are being seen three as main contenders. Read more