Episode 28 - Crushing Real Estate Development one deal at a time with Franklin Cruz

Crushing Cashflow

07-08-2021 • 22 mins

Franklin Cruz is the Founder and CEO of True Investors Development, which focuses on Transforming Cities, one Community at a time. He has over 20+ years of real estate experience. Amongst his other accomplishments, Mr. Cruz proudly served a four-year senior management position with Clever Investors, a national real Estate Education Company, where he acted as the Director of Mentorship. Mr. Cruz has also authored several real estate books, was honored as one of 2017’s Inc. 5000 List CEO’s and has had the privilege of being selected as a TEDx speaker.

Franklin is a proud United States Army Veteran and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  (thanks for your service)

Mr. Cruz resides in Florida with his family and attributes his success to his personal principles:

1. Discipline

2. Consistency

3. Killing your Ego Every Day

4. Falling in Love with Delayed Gratification.

We cover the following:

Finding properties and land for development

  • Finding capital
  • Finding buyers
  • 3 top scenarios for developing RE

Download the full episode here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1650301/8712130-episode-28-crushing-real-estate-development-one-deal-at-a-time-with-franklin-cruz.mp3?download=true

Get in touch with Franklin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franklincruz/

Learn more about multi-family investing with us - www.investwithredline.com

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