¡Get Smart! with Erin Moore - Sobriety of Pandemic Proportions

Recovery in the Middle Ages - Two Middle-Aged Suburban Dads Talk About Recovering From Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol.

30-04-2021 • 1 hr 26 mins

RMA-Episode 34 Show Notes:

This week on RMA, Get Smart With Erin Moore returns to discuss sobriety during the pandemic, and how traditional recovery programs tried to adapt to the new reality of COVID-19. How did they do? Can you help an addict over Zoom?

Also, the guys finish their review of Paul Churchill’s Alcohol is Shit and consider whether “Plant Medicine” is really all that it’s cracked up to be. Plus, Nat tells a funny acid story and Mike is dodging the parish priest. Don’t miss it!

Recovery In The News this week asks why the New York Times seems aggressively interested in keeping people drinking, in this case, right after being vaccinated, and the Week in Weird asks whether spider-human hybrids are scaring dogs in Costa Rica

All this, plus the week in review, and a “Your Story” segment from listener Erick on a post-pandemic, inoculated, re-emerging into the light filled episode of Recovery in the Middle Ages.

You can reach Erin Moore at www.fallingphoenix.com or find her in the RMA Facebook group under the name: girl_recovery.

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Recovery in the News

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