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HR-034 – Joe Kennedy | Author – USMC (ret.) — Jeremy Dys – Senior Counsel – Firstliberty.org
Dec 6 2023
HR-034 – Joe Kennedy | Author – USMC (ret.) — Jeremy Dys – Senior Counsel – Firstliberty.org
HONOR RADIO: Episode #034Guests: Joe Kennedy  - Author 'Average Joe' (USMC ret.)Jeremy Dys - Senior Counsel - FirstLiberty.org HONOR RADIO: Coach Joe Kennedy & Jeremy Dys This podcast will tell the story of how Joe Kennedy, a USMC 20-year veteran and a high school football coach has provided millions of Americans more religious liberty in more than a half century. In 2008, the newly minted Coach Kennedy committed to God that he would give thanks after every game – win or lose - for the opportunity to be a football coach and for his players. It was soon after this and after retaining his attorneys who specialize in religious First Amendment rights to free speech cases called, FirstLiberty.org. They asked the school to make a religious accommodation and we first became acquainted with Coach Kennedy. His story went viral and weeks later Coach Kennedy was terminated days before the final varsity game. Coach Kennedy would file a charge of religious discrimination with the Bremerton School District, and this is what started the 8-year battle that took this discrimination and First Amendment case to the Supreme Court. In 2022, It upheld his right to take a knee in quiet, solitary prayer after games. But this wasn’t only a victory for one coach in Washington state. It has a nationwide impact on public-school teachers, employees, and coaches, who are now free to live out their faith in public. This win overturned a prior ruling that harmed religious freedom for decades and set a major precedent for our First Freedom moving forward. We followed this case to the Supreme Court winning gavel and had Coach Kennedy on our HONOR RADIO podcast back in 2018. We decided it was time to catch up with Coach Kennedy and it was awesome that he invited his First Liberty attorney, Jeremy Dys on this powerful podcast.Turn it up and if need be, get your notepads handy. This podcast is going to fire you up!