Work or Safety - Episode 32

Attagirl Podcast

12-05-2020 • 0 seconds

Right now in Ohio, businesses are starting to open back up and folks are being told to choose between health and safety. Our friend Tabi Leass is a stylist and she shares her decision to stay at home while the salon she works for opens up their doors for business. Stick around for the second half of the show! It turns to FUN and we learn about Tabi's side hustle and discover new "bedroom accessories". Connect and Shop with Tabi! Tabi’s Private Facebook Group  - Pure Romance with Tabi  Shop with Tabi through this link! - SPONSORS: BetterHelp online counseling is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor in a safe and private online environment – it’s so convenient and affordable. Get 10% off your first month by visiting and entering the code ATTAGIRL at checkout.  EveryPlate dinners are the cheaper alternative to takeout or delivery, they come together in about 30 minutes – definitely faster than a trip to the grocery store and starting a meal from scratch. For more information visit