Real Estate Agent Negotiation Secrets, Strategies, Scripts, and Systems

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Mar 21 2023 • 25 mins

What is one of the biggest challenges for real estate salespeople? It's Negotiation! Knowledge equals confidence, ignorance equals fear. In order to stop fearing the negotiation process, you must improve your skills, that's our goal with this 4-part series: Day One: Know the Property Day Two: Know the Seller Day Three: Know the Buyer Day Four: Do the Deal! Negotiation happens not only when the offer is made, countered, and hopefully accepted, but also during home inspections, appraisal issues, defending your commission, and many other times before your clients finally make it to the closing table.   Little Known Fact:  Even the most experienced agents can still have moments of anguish or anxiety in real estate situations. Maybe they're in a higher price range than they're used to, dealing with a seller with a strong personality or just can't see eye to eye on key points. It happens to the best of us. New or inexperienced agents dread running up against a tough negotiator, a buyer or seller who just won't seem to budge, or an agent who they can't seem to communicate with. The definition of negotiation is: The process where two or more parties with different needs and goals discuss and find a mutually acceptable solution.   It is NOT: the bludgeoning of the other side, making them cry, getting them to hang up on you, faking them out, or other obnoxious, non-tactics. Avoid this language and beware of agents (or clients) who lead with these types of conversations! The following are strategies to help you find the mutually acceptable solution you're looking for when you negotiate. We'll discuss both the buyer side and the seller side as we examine these points together.   WARNING: 2023 Housing Market QUESTION: Agents, Are You 100% Ready For 2023, Do You Have A Proven Success Plan? If Not, Do This: Join the #1 Award-Winning Real Estate Coaching & Training Program FOR FREE! Yes, This Includes Daily Live Coaching! Join For FREE Now. Reclaim Your Life & Break Free Of Worry. The Path To Success Is One Click Away. JOIN Premier Coaching For FREE Now. P.S. Limited Offer. This Is A Personalized, Live Coaching Program. Limited To 250 Agents.  *We will also explain how to systematically approach each source, and recommend resources and discounts for you. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT: FREE REAL ESTATE SALES TRAINING AND COACHING: Enroll NOW, FREE Real Estate Coaching and Training: EXP REALTY EXPLAINED: Tim and Julie Harris are one of the TOP EXP REALTY Sponsors in the world. We would love to be your sponsor at eXp Realty. Text TIM HARRIS directly to be sponsored by Tim and Julie Harris 512-758-0206. Our EXP Realty site: * Completing the EXP Realty application now? Name JULIE HARRIS from Georgetown Texas as your sponsor! Watch this video: and here is the application: FOLLOW TIM AND JULIE HARRIS: Nations #1 Daily Real Estate Training Podcast: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: eXp Realty: HARRIS Real Estate Coaching: Our #1 international best-selling book: Free DISC Personality test for Realtors: MORE REAL ESTATE TRAINING VIDEOS YOU WILL LOVE: Peter Schiff Interview: EXP Realty Explained: Housing Bubble Popping?: Housing Crash Survival Guide: 5 Must Know Success Rules For This Market: Real Estate Agent New Mortgage Rules: FAMOUS REAL ESTATE AGENT INTERVIEWS: 100s of interviews: Featuring: Fredrik Eklund: Ryan Serhant: Jade Mills: WHO ARE TIM AND JULIE HARRIS?: