Parts work - Say goodbye to your inner critic and inner conflicts

A Better Living

12-12-2021 • 29 mins

Self-hate is real. It can appear as an inner critic. Or as an inner conflict in your mind. In this podcast, learn how to heal and align those unhappy parts within you. Listen to the full episode (includes transcript): This technique that I shared goes by many names (e.g. Internal Family Systems) in the scientific community. It is a proven method practiced by therapists and psychiatrists for counseling people. I call it parts work, as learned from my favorite, spiritual teacher Teal Swan. I have read books, taken courses, went through therapy myself. The reason I am sharing these techniques for free through my podcasts is there are many people who cannot afford therapy. Some of us don't even realize we need therapy. And then there are those who have a stigma around visiting psychiatrists. These healing tools are meant to empower you with what you need to become a happier and self-loving version of yourself. Here's Teal video on live demonstration of parts work: This is one of the 3 important healing tools that you can use in your daily life. The other healing tools are shared below: Negative core belief healing: Healing past pains & trauma: will update the link when this podcast is released Connect with me on social media: Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Intro music credits: Track Name: Good vibes only Artist: Elephant Funeral Album: Unfinished tales