Passive Real Estate Investing from All Over the World

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Jan 19 2023 • 20 mins

In today’s episode we have Brian Davis, the founder of SparkRental, Brian shouts from the rooftops about passive income from real estate at every opportunity. He and his family spend most of the year overseas practicing what he preaches: lifestyle design, passive investing, and a high savings. Brian is a rental industry expert who lives to help others realized their dreams of building passive income. He loves writing and hosting online classes, and he co-founded of a first-of-its-kind rental automation service.

He managed an e-commerce company for nearly eight years, during which time the company exploded from a tiny startup to an international corporation. Before joining ezLandlordForms, Brian bought, managed, renovated and marketed real estate portfolios for a private equity firm. Brian has also served as the Real Estate Department Manager for Bay Capital Corporation, a national mortgage lender.

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