Episode Twenty Six - Fear Factor

Confessions and Ramblings of a Functioning Psychotic

27-09-2021 • 55 mins

What are YOU afraid of?

Episode Twenty Six is called Fear Factor!  Listen as Parrish, Aunt Bo, Coach and Oz tell us what keeps them up at night; what makes them squirm; and what makes them scream and run!   Facing your fears is a big step towards growth in this life and something that most of us just never accomplish.  But are there ones that the team is willing to conquer either on air or at home but with proof that the fear was faced?

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Find out who is afraid of spiders, heights, snakes, rats, and shipwrecks!  (??)  and see which fear the whacky trio decided on to conquer together ONLY on Episode Twenty Six - Fear Factor!

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