At The End Of Her Rope, She Picked Up Her Fork with Jennifer Seven and Kristen Coffield

UnBreakable Spirit, Inspiring Stories of Women Surviving and Thriving

24-01-2022 • 39 mins

Meet Kristen Coffield, the Eating Expert and owner of The Culinary Cure.  Kristen shares her personal story of resilience.  At the end of her rope, having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, losing her mother and facing financial troubles, she could barely get out of bed.  One day she was struck with the thought; is this all there is?

With her love and knowledge of food, she took control of the one thing she knew she could, which was what was at the end of her fork.   Kristen began to focus on taking small steps, just doing what she could each day.  And her energy began to change and she began to thrive.  She found her passion; teaching purpose driven humans how to turn food and habit into superpowers for health and happiness.

In this podcast, she gives us simple and valuable tips to begin improving our health today.  Start using food as medicine.

Kristen is offering her Healthy Habits, 101, free to our listeners.  You can get it here.

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