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I wish my husband knew: How important eye contact is
Nov 28 2023
I wish my husband knew: How important eye contact is
We're so excited to introduce another new series on The Aro Podcast that we hope you love as much as we do! Every month, Mistye Wilson, wife of Aro Co-Founder Heath and longtime friend of Aro Co-Founder Joey, will join the podcast to delve into various topics, offering insights into what wives sometimes wish their husbands knew. Here's the twist: Joey will be in the dark about the discussion until they hit the record button. We hope these episodes empower listeners to bring up challenging topics with their spouses or share these episodes when words may be hard to find. If there's a topic you'd like Joey and Mistye to explore, don't hesitate to send us a direct message on Instagram!This week's episode focuses on the significance of eye contact. Mistye dives into how the absence of eye contact from a spouse can trigger feelings of rejection. Joey asks Mistye how a husband can tell when his wife wants eye contact and when it may not be necessary in a conversation. They also discuss the game-changing act of putting away your phone when spending quality time with your spouse. Mistye and Joey even touch on the importance of eye contact for young children. Stay tuned until the end of the episode when Mistye shares a practice that all our listeners can try with their spouse.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Learn More About Aro Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedInThe Aro Podcast is produced and edited by Palm Tree Pod Co.