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Episode 7 - Binka Le Breton - Iracambi Brazil
Aug 11 2022
Episode 7 - Binka Le Breton - Iracambi Brazil
Subject: We have to acknowledge the crisis we are living in in order to make a change in the first place. The indigenous story tells that the forest is on fire, and all the animals are fleeing to safety. All except the hummingbird. She is flying towards the fire with a drop of water in her beak. “Silly little bird,” shouts the eagle, looking down at her. “Don’t you see that you’ll never put out the fire all by yourself?” “You’re right,” says the hummingbird. “I’ll never put it out all by myself. But I’m doing my part.” This is what Iracambi is about. Iracambi is a community of people around the world whose vision is to see the beautiful Brazilian Atlantic Forest restored, with prosperous communities living in a flourishing landscape. We talked to Binka, who is an inspiring woman who stands behind this beautiful organization. Co-founder of Iracambi, Binka was trained in classical music and languages. After raising her family on five continents, Binka and her husband headed to Brazil to found a forest farm and see for themselves whether sustainability was real or even possible. One thing led to another, and today they work at the Iracambi Rainforest Research Center, along with their bright young team, focusing on environmental restoration, research, education and public policy. We speak about her journey from the US all the way to the Brazilian rainforest, the challenges the rainforest and the environment in Brazil are facing on a daily basis and the importance of diversity both in people, opinions and nature.