Accountability Type #4 that You Need to Accelerate Results

The Accountability Minute:Business Acceleration|Productivity

Oct 30 2021 • 2 mins

[[:encoded, "Today we are talking about another type of accountability that you can use in your life, which is Relationship Accountability.\n\nSometimes it is good to be reminded of what is most important. It can be easy to lose sight of what matters most when everything else is screaming louder for our attention. Your relationships are what ground you, and what make up a huge component of your personal value and purpose. Children, partners, extended family, childhood friends – these layered relationships make up the core of our lives, and they need to be nurtured if they are to remain healthy.\n\nHaving someone to hold you accountable for the time you dedicate to your relationships can set you up for lifelong success. This could be as simple as an assistant that is tasked with reminding you to bring home flowers for your wife, or scheduling a date night with your husband. Just because you need reminded doesn’t mean that those people are not important to you – it just means that it is incredibly easy to get so lost in what demands our attention that those things that aren’t always clamoring for our time become drowned out. \n\nOver the past 4 days, we have explored 4 types of accountability. How can you implement one or all of these forms of accountability to help you accelerate the achievement of your professional and personal goals? \n\nTo review 4 different types of accountability coaching options and decide which one might be of the most value to you, so you can achieve your goals and enjoy the kind of business and life you truly want, go to\n\nIf you get value from these Podcasts, please take a minute to leave me a short rating and review. I would really appreciate it and always love to hear from you.\n\nTake advantage of all the complimentary business tips and tools by joining the Free Silver Membership on \n\nWant more from The Accountability Coach™, subscribe to more high-value content by looking for me on and on most podcast platforms and in most English-speaking countries, or by going to \n\nSubscribe to my high-value business success tips and resources Blog ( \n\nSubscribe to my YouTube channel with business success principles (\n\nConnect with me on Linked-In ( \n\nConnect with me on Pinterest (\n\nConnect with me on Instagram (\n\nConnect with me on Facebook ( \n\nGo to to check out for yourself how I, as your Accountability Coach™, can help you get and stay focused on you highest payoff activities that put you in the highest probability position to achieve your professional and personal goals, so you can enjoy the kind of business and life you truly want and deserve. \n\nAs an experienced accountability coach and author of 5 books, I help business professionals make more money, work less, and enjoy even better work life balance.\n\nCheck out my proven business accelerator resources by going to \n \nAim for what you want each and every day! \nAnne Bachrach\nThe Accountability Coach™\n\nBusiness professionals and Advisors who utilize Anne Bachrach’s proven business-success systems make more money, work less, and enjoy better work life balance.\n\nAuthor of Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, No Excuses, the Work Life Balance Emergency Kit and more. Get your audio copies today."]]