How do you pay your staff?

The kbbreview Podcast

20-09-2022 • 27 mins

Welcome to the kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies and as well as being episode 10 of Season 5, and it is also the last episode of Season 5. We're going to take a little break and we'll be back with Season 6 later in October.

But we're rounding this season off with a discussion about a topic that affects every single retailer in the country - what and how do you pay your staff?

In particular we're looking at sales designers - do you pay low salary and high commission? Or high salary and low commission? And how do you even work out what that commission is going to be in the first place? Is it based on turnover or profit? And if the whole point is to motivate people to sell, what does that mean for those who simply want to design.

We're talking all this through with two friends of the show - consultant Toby Griffin and top retailer Elizabeth Pantling-Jones.

It may be the end of Season 5 but we're right bang in the middle of entries for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2023. As always, it's totally FREE to enter and we have categories for kitchen and bathroom designers, retailers, installers and suppliers. The closing date is November 17th and if you want to find out more you can either go back a couple of episodes of this very podcast or go to