Canvas Worldwide w/ Chris Giles

Bamboo Beat

Nov 6 2019 • 38 mins

Welcome to The Canvascasters Podcast.

In this episode, Chris Giles (@ohcanadatweet .... OH CANADA!) joins us from Beaverton, Oregon! A Canvas Administrator at Beaverton School District in Oregon. Beaverton is a public school district of nearly 41,000 students in 34 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 6 high schools, 5 Option schools, and 2 Charter schools! Chris facilitates Canvas professional development and facilitates the use of other digital platforms for grades 6-12 specifically. Beaverton has approximately 20,000 students using Canvas on a weekly basis.

Chris has a unique voice to share through his educational journey and offers a different perspective as an Admin at such a large district.

In this episode we discuss:

• His brief exit from the classroom, moving to Brazil, and working with the Department of Ed in Arizona.

• What Canvas looks like in an everyday classroom.

• Setting students and teachers up for consistency and success in an LMS.

• Our love for Tier 1 support through Canvas & our CSM's!

Those that have inspired Mr. Giles through his educational journey:

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