Odd Trails

Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier

Odd Trails is an anthology of true paranormal stories, narrated by Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier. Join us every week as we dive into all things weird and otherworldly. Submit your experiences to stories@oddtrails.com. read less

Episode 50: A Haunted Church
Episode 50: A Haunted Church
Stories in this episode: - A Haunted Church, by LB - Lost Time Delivering Newspapers, by Momo - Sleep Apnea Story, by Bethany - Same Nightmare at the Same Time, by Responsible_Deer_595 - Oujia Boards are Bullshit, Right? by amah1989 - Lucid Dreaming, by Tiffany To support the show and get access to ad-free episodes of Odd Trails at a crystal clear 320kbps head over to patreon.com/oddtrails to sign up today! All the stories you've heard this week were narrated and produced with the permission of their respective authors. To submit your story to the show, send it to stories@oddtrails.com. Check out the other Cryptic County podcasts like Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast and the Old Time Radiocast at CrypticCountyPodcasts.com or wherever you get your podcasts! Improve your quality of sleep with GhostBed. We love their cooling technology and know you will too. Get 30% off site wide at www.ghostbed.com/trails. Upgrade your sleep with Miracle Brand! Go to trymiracle.com/trails and use the code TRAILS to claim your FREE 3 PIECE TOWEL SET and SAVE over 40% OFF. Enjoy mysteries? Wanna solve a cold case? Check out Hunt a Killer, a brand that offers immersive, story-driven board games. Odd Trails listeners can save by going to huntakiller.com/trails and be sure to use code TRAILS to save $10 off your purchase! - Spotify: https://open.spotify.com /show/1n7wNZGJJ3Oc31O4TYx4x3  - Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast /feed/id1598762965  - Instagram: @oddtrailspodcast  - Twitter: @OddTrails