12. Gratitude

Side B Radio: The Podcast

Sep 14 2019 • 28 mins

Guess what? I'm hosting a contest! Subscribe, rate, and review before 10/01/19 and you'll be entered to win one of 4 posters. the posters are: Elsiefest 2015, Starkid Summer Season, Firebringer Backer, and Quicksand Jack. You can see pictures on twitter or instagram (@sidebradio and @sidebpodcast respectively). This week, I'm grateful. Grateful for new opportunities, and supportive friends and family. I started my new job. I discussed that, as well as my love for Younger, BH90210 and the book I'm currently reading (from Younger, The Miseducation of Henry Cane!) I hope to get more regular with this and to have more guests! Please let me know how it's going, and enter my contest! Enjoy! All love!

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