How to Bootstrap a 7-Figure Business

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24-06-2022 • 16 mins

"Born from my own experience as a mother of active children, Lark Adventurewear is a bootstrapped 7-figure business on a mission to make life easier for millennial parents. As a mom and entrepreneur, my goal is to help make one of the largest daily decisions “what do we wear?” less stressful by offering versatile, functional pieces that effortlessly move through seasons. What started out as an idea in an industry I knew nothing about, blossomed into a go-to activewear brand for both kids and women, and is continuing to evolve into a one-stop-shop for families.

We built our business on engaging with and listening to our customers. Parents loved our proprietary fabric used in our kidswear so much they demanded  it for themselves, and last year, we launched our womenswear collection, which accounts for 25% of sales in less than six months since launch."

Tune-in to learn how Pallavi Golla Patil grew this minority-owned business into a must-have, community-driven product line, how she successfully navigated an industry she knew nothing about, more about the functional fashion trend, how she is expanding, and much more!

"Our team consistently rises to the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs and are deliberate about the items and collections we produce:

  • Fabric! Our proprietary Softek™ bamboo fabric is buttery soft, easy to wash, temperature regulating and UPF 50 sun-safe.
  • Function! Our clothes are designed to make a parent’s life easier, like reverse zippers for easy diaper changing, toddler drawstrings that don't slip out, sweats that take busy moms from school drop off to dinner time and everything in between
  • Fans! A repeat customer rate 3x above the industry average
  • Female-led! A 7-figure bootstrapped business is run by an all-female team dedicated to creating functional clothing that combines comfort and style.

More About Guest:  Team-oriented, creative and solution-driven leader with extensive brand management, marketing, finance and business development experience in CPG/e-commerce.

After working in brand management at E&J Gallo, I joined Club W to help execute corporate transition from wine retailer business model to vertically integrated winery.

Successfully managed sourcing, branding, pricing and product marketing of 70+ global wine SKU’s over 9 months with total annual production of >100K cases the first year."

Episode #208 of That Entrepreneur Show- The podcast where founders of companies and brands share their entrepreneurial journeys, lessons learned, tips for success, and more each Friday since 2019.

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