Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Teresa Mitrovic

That Entrepreneur Show

03-06-2022 • 19 mins

↗ Anchoring your growth targets in your 'people experience' so you can achieve your targets without losing your souls, or your minds;
↗ Transforming yours - and your teams' - experience by lifting the energy, lowering the stress and establishing trust, to begin closing performance gaps quickly;
↗ Integrating proven strategic and operational systems, to give you certainty about outcomes while having fun with the team as they discover what's possible; and
↗ Delivering a learning experience that stretches the thinking, behaviour and commitment of individuals and moves the team - and the business - forward.

I work with leaders to optimize performance while building psychological safety at work. If you want to skip the rest and connect for a virtual coffee, click here >

If you like to dot i's and cross t's then read on...

I've worked with commercial leaders who are
- chasing targets and don't want to lose business critical staff to burnout;
- scaling and don't want to lose the unique culture they've created;
- eager to recalibrate their team to recover from - or prepare for - significant change.

And with council owned and government organizations who:
- need to create strategic and delivery partnership plans with partners from multiple organizations whose challenges, constraints and targets vary greatly;
- need alignment across senior teams of experts - who don't always see eye to eye - so they can solve highly visible large scale infrastructure issues quickly.

How do you know when you need me?
⦿ You’ve forecasted growth but getting there feels like it will be a slog - longer hours and more stress when you're already feeling stretched;
⦿ You’re seeking growth, but you don’t want to risk becoming ‘corporate and dry’ and losing the culture you’ve worked so hard to build;
⦿ There are things keeping you awake that you’re uncomfortable sharing with others.

Don’t risk your health - or your team's - to hit your targets. You don't need to.

Episode #204 of That Entrepreneur Show- The podcast where founders of companies and brands share their entrepreneurial journeys, lessons learned, tips for success, and more each Friday since 2019. Look out for Podcast to Podcast and Rewind the Clock Bonus Series Episodes released throughout the season.

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