How to invest a lumpsum amount?

Capitalmind Podcast

Aug 22 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

You've tuned in to another episode of The Capitalmind Podcast, where we tackle a question that's been on your mind: "There's a lumpsum in hand, what's your next move?"

In a world where SIPs are all the rage, we're steering the ship towards understanding how to strategically deploy a substantial lumpsum amount.

Deepak & Shray walk you through these aspects of managing, deploying and even spending that lumpsum gain. They discuss:

  • Deciphering tax implications: The financial realm is fraught with complexities, especially when it comes to taxes. We delve into the intricacies, figuring out how you can harness the power of tax efficiency to maximise returns.
  • Debt management strategies: From housing loans to high-interest obligations, every debt carries a unique weight. We share insights that empower you to navigate this terrain with finesse and help you to make informed choices
  • Securing education and retirement: As the custodian of your financial future, you'll need strategies to earmark funds for your children's education and seamlessly transition into a well-funded retirement. Planning is key, and Deepak has you covered.
  • The art of consumption and experience: Beyond investments, the episode delves into the delicate balance between material consumption and meaningful experiences. The discussion prompts you to curate a life that blends financial prudence with personal fulfilment.

Lastly, for those who've experienced an ESOP exit or find themselves grappling with a lump sum, our website offers tailored services designed to cater to portfolios exceeding 50 lakhs. For feedback and podcast ideas, write to us at


00:00 Introduction

01:30 ESOPs taxation and Whats the right way to allocate large lumpsum amount?

18:43 Which option is more preferable: Paying off housing loans sooner or investing in the market.

29:50 How to plan for your kids education?

34:57 Whats the simple rule of thumb for retirement planning?

40:21 If you have a large sum to invest should invest it via SIP or Lumpsum?

49:45 Don't fall for the products that assures you low risk and high returns.

59:36 Say no to angel investing

01:04:04 Consumption - all the things you wanted to do, make that list and do these

01:12:24 Types of windfalls: End year bonus  vs exit from some ESOPs or synthetic ESOPs

01:20:43 Charity and Philanthropy

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