How do we respond to the climate crisis?

NISTH Think Out: Debate Series

Jul 25 2023 • 47 mins

In this episode of the NISTH ThinkOut Podcast, we (Assoc Prof Sulfikar Amir), meets with Professor Benjamin Horton, a Leading Voice in Climate Change Research and Advocacy.  He is the Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) and a Professor at the Asian School of the Environment, NTU.
Beyond his scientific contributions, Prof. Horton is an outspoken advocate for addressing climate change on a global scale. He recognizes the urgency of the issue and actively engages in public outreach and education efforts. Through public lectures, media appearances, and collaborations with policymakers, he strives to raise awareness about the gravity of climate change and the need for immediate action. Prof. Horton's expertise and passion make him a compelling voice in the fight against climate change. He shares with us, not only his journey thus far but also his unwavering dedication to understanding the complex dynamics of climate change and its consequences on coastal areas has established him as a leading authority in the field.