Food for Thought: Is Food Security Imperative?

NISTH Think Out: Debate Series

Jul 25 2023 • 40 mins

NISTH Societal Fellow, Dr Nurul Amillin Hussain in conversation with Michael Fam Chair Professor at NTU, Prof. William Chen.

NISTH ThinkOut Podcast on 'Food for thought', is an insightful discussion between the newest NISTH Fellow, Assoc Prof Nurul Amillin Hussain and Prof William Chen.  Prof. Chen is a distinguished academic and the Michael Fam Chair Professor at NTU. He has been the Director of the NTU Food Science and Technology Programme since 2002. Prof. Chen is a renowned expert in food science and technology, and his research has made significant contributions to the field.
Prof Chen, highlighted that Food is not only a necessity for survival but also an integral part of our culture, social interactions, and enjoyment of life.  Focusing on the development of novel food processing techniques, food safety, and quality enhancement, he has enabled collaborations with the food industry, government agencies, and non-governmental and international organizations, helping to keep the Singapore innovation integrated with the larger world.  He mentioned that the food waste generated on a daily basis is fairly large and stressed that food waste management is crucial and must be dealt with upfront.  Making food availability, access, utilisation and stability, are imperative for future generational sustenance. He believes that it is a collective effort to enhance our food security, and we must rally support toward local suppliers and producers to keep Singapore sustainable.